The Other Side of CMP

George Bowen and his Daughter, Grace


George Bowen and his daughter, Grace, with a 32-pound striped bass caught on the beach in Montauk, New York


Rich Robb at Vail's Back Country


Rich Robb dropping into Vail's back country


Jack Bevilacqua participating in the PMC


Jack Bevilacqua participating in the PMC


Rich Robb at Mt. Washington


Rich Robb at the top of Mt. Washington after a long climb up


Kanc Bike Ride 2010 New Hampshire


Rich Robb competing in the Kanc Bike Ride 2010 New Hampshire


Rich Robb and Ted Benna (President of the 401(k) Association)


Rich Robb and Ted Benna, president of the 401(k) Association, who is commonly referred to as the "father of 401(k)" because he created and gained IRS approval of the first 401(k) savings plan.


Social Security Planning Techniques Workshop


Lawrence (Larry) Albert, MBA, AIF®, hosting a workshop on social security planning techniques.


Debbie Gatoff Commitment to the Congregation


Due Diligence Session


Rich Robb dining with a top manager of one of our preffered bond mutal funds following a due dilligence session.


BlackRock Conference

Rich Robb with Dennis Stattman, CFA®, managing director at BlackRock Global, following his presentation at a BlackRock conference