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    John (Jack) Bevilacqua’s local half-hour cable show was launched in February 2004 and retired in June 2019. The purpose of the program was to provide education and information about issues that affect all aspects of personal finance. It was produced and directed for fifteen years by Jack and his staff, and taped using the facilities of Danvers Community Access Television.

    Jack's goal has been to reach out to the community with information, education, and knowledge that is helpful to everyone at every stage in their lives. His years of experience in the financial services profession give him insight into which issues matter most to young families, retirees, and small business owners.

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    Tackling Student Loan Debt

    Host, Jack Bevilacqua invites his son, Jake, to describe his 3-year journey to pay off over 35 individual student loans. Learn the methods that worked for him on his quest for financial independence.

    Controlling Your W4 Withholding

    Controlling Your W-4 Withholding and Current Tax Tips

    Guest and C.P.A., Phil Davis talks about how to find your W-4 "sweet spot" that will maximize the income in each paycheck without owing additional taxes when you file. He also gives some current tax tips and discusses the tax code changes.


    Social Security and Retirement Planning

    On this show, host Jack Bevilacqua Jack talks to social security expert Kurt Czarnowski in detail about the Federal Social Security Program. He explains how the benefit is earned, when and how much you will receive…which is important information for retirement planning.

    What’s The Latest – May, 2017

    Estate Planning for a Family Vacation Homes

    On this show, Jack talks to Vincent Bonazzoli, Esq., about the planning options available when leaving the asset of a vacation home to family members.


    Current Mortgage and Real Estate Strategies

    On this show, host Jack Bevilacqua talks to Mortgage Loan Originator, Matthew Teeter, about how the new tax cuts and Jobs Act will impact mortgages, as well as some current borrowing and financing techniques for real estate investors.

    Making Your Estate Plan Work

    Making Your Estate Plan Work

    On this show, Jack Bevilacqua, talks to Vincent Bonazzoli, Esq., a specialist in Estate Planning, about the importance of asset alignment, verification, and tracking when planning for the long-term success of an estate plan.

    Alternative Ideas for Tax Planning and Investing

    Alternative Ideas for Tax Planning and Investing

    On this show, host Jack Bevilacqua and his guest, C.P.A. Philip Davis, discuss what to consider before paying off your mortgage before it matures. Philip offers some year-end tax planning ideas and summarizes the new tax law, and how it will affect each of us.


    Socially Responsible Investing-Past, Present, and Future

    On this show, host Jack Bevilacqua talks to Financial Advisor, John Gregorio about the changes and advancements in this growing investment segment, and why we may want to consider it as a component of our investment strategy.

    Protecting Your Credit Data

    Protecting Your Credit Data

    On this show, host Jack Bevilacqua talks to Kim Carpentier of Valley Credit Builder about the recent Equifax breech, and how we can protect our credit and financial accounts from fraudulent activity or possible identity theft.


    Advice For When Your Adult Child Moves Back Home

    On this show, Jack talks to Certified Financial Planner, Lawrence Albert, about the increasing probability of adult children moving back home. They discuss the different approaches parents can take to help, not hinder, both of their financial futures and ensure a smooth transition through this phase.


    Elder Financial Abuse

    On this show, Jack talks to Bea Stankard from Elder Services of The Merrimack Valley, and gets an update on the latest scams targeting the elder community. They also discuss why elders are vulnerable to financial scams and what protections can be taken to protect them and their investments.

    Money Talk TV - January 2017

    Required Minimum Distributions (RMD’s) and Tax Strategies

    On this show, Jack talks with Phil Davis, C.P.A., who explains RMD’s, and describes what to consider when calculating the timing and distribution of them. Phil also gives several tax planning tips for the upcoming tax season.


    Reverse Mortgage, Is it The Right Choice for You?

    Jack talks to Stephen Greenberg, a HECM Loan Specialist, about reverse mortgages, including the significant regulatory changes made to the product in 2013, which has made it a flexible loan option for many homeowners over 62.


    Family Estate Planning

    On this show, Jack speaks with Vincent Bonazzoli, Esq., a specialist in family estate planning, about the unique issues that parents of children with special needs may encounter when planning to provide them a secure future.


    The Psychology of RISK

    On this show, Jack talks to Kol Chu Birke, a financial Behavior Specialist, about how we respond to risk, and how our risk awareness can help shape our investment decisions.


    Discover the Secrets of Personal Credit

    On this show, Jack's has an eye-opening conversation with credit specialist, Kim Carpentier about the importance of personal credit scores, how the major credit bureaus operate, and how they calculate your score. They also discussed the different types of inquiries and how to dispute an error. Kim has some great tips, including the reason you may want to establish an authorized user.


    Take Control of Spending and Increase Your Cash Flow

    On this show, Jack's guest, Financial Behavior Specialist, Kol Chu Birke, provides viewers with easy, effective techniques to change spending behaviors and discover what motivates them to save more and spend less.


    Early Planning Can Reduce College Debt

    On this show, Jack and financial advisor, Sara Romaine, discuss how to formulate a successful college funding plan, specifically; the benefits of 529 plans as well as the questions which help students make the best college choice for their interests.

    More information about college planning


    Senior Medicare Patrol (SMP) Program-Fighting Health Care Fraud

    On this show, Jack speaks with Lucilia Prates, the Massachusetts director of the SMP program. The program assists Medicare beneficiaries in detecting and reporting health care errors, fraud, and abuse which costs taxpayers billions annually.

    To file a complaint or schedule a session, please visit the following websites:


    Medicare - Beyond the Basics, Part 1

    Medicare - Beyond the Basics, Part 2

    Jack’s guest, Dianne Savastano, a healthcare specialist, had so much valuable information to share that we taped two segments. Topics in the first segment include: enrollment basics and penalties, how income affects various plan premiums, the Medicare Advantage Plan as well as Part D and the “donut hole”.  Part TWO goes deeper into the supplemental policies (i.e. Medigap) so viewers will know what to consider before retirement planning or before choosing a supplemental plan.


    Money Talk TV 10-Year Anniversary Show

    On this special, one-hour show, Jack takes a look back and revisits some of his favorite guests from the past ten years. The topics cover a range of financial challenges everyone faces during different stages of their lives. His guests are experts in a variety of areas, including: college funding, money management, investment strategies, 401K and retirement planning, tax information, long term care insurance, and estate planning.


    Estate Planning for Digital Assets

    On this show, Jack welcomes back Vincent Bonazzoli Esq. who specializes in estate planning. They discuss the new dilemma of how to plan for the inheritance of our “digital assets”.  Vinnie explains the steps you should take to ensure that your loved ones can gain access to your significant online accounts, cloud storage, and purchased media after your passing.


    Money Management for New Couples

    On this show, Jack and Kol Chu Birke discuss a topic everyone can benefit from…talking about money with your partner. As a “Financial Behavior Specialist”, Kol gives suggestions for making the “money talk” easier, and advises viewers how to leverage each persons’ strengths despite differences in financial goals and risk tolerance.

    For more tips on having great money conversations, visit Kols’ helpful website: He also suggests a budgeting software tool that can help align your goals: