Invest in a Future You Believe In

Many of our clients are people whose deepest values drive their actions and financial choices. We have the experience and research capabilities to help you invest in offerings that are “socially responsible.” Identifying investing opportunities for you is part of our overall planning process.


Your Investments Can Reflect Your Personal Values

Do good for society and your portfolio.

Just as public consciousness of social issues has grown in recent years, the popularity of socially responsible investing (SRI) has increased dramatically. According to a 2020 Report on U.S. Sustainable and Impact Investing Trends by the US SIF Foundation, sustainable investing represents one in three dollars of the total U.S. assets under professional management.

Making a Difference with Your Money

The idea behind SRI—also called environmental, social, and governance (ESG) investing—is to help investors pursue their financial goals while promoting societal well-being. By choosing a socially responsible investment vehicle, you are essentially funding companies that support causes you care about, companies that don’t engage in practices that run contrary to your values, or both.

Invest in companies and causes you hold close to your heart.


Benefits and Features

The most compelling feature of socially responsible investing is obvious: the ability to put your money to work for causes in a way that may also result in personal financial gain. You already know that you need to invest; SRI lets you take a social stand through the particular investment vehicles you choose.


A Deeper View

When you dip below the surface to evaluate how a company acts and what they support, you can get a more comprehensive picture of its success potential than just financial metrics.


Seek Peace of Mind

Enjoy the clarity, tranquility, and pride that comes from knowing you’re investing in companies that support your personal beliefs and values.


Make Positive Change

Societal change happens one step at a time. You might not think your investment carries much weight, but SRI lets you contribute in a tangible way toward making the world a better place.


Focused on Your Goals

Whether you choose to invest all or a portion of your assets in an SRI portfolio, you can rest assured that we are keeping an eye on your long-term goals as well as your social convictions.

Investments are subject to risk, including the loss of principal. Socially Responsible Investing (SRI) criteria are a set of non-financial principles and standards used to evaluate potential investments. The incorporation of SRI principles provides a qualitative assessment that can factor heavily into the security selection process. The investment's socially responsible focus may limit the investment options available to the investor. Past performance is no guarantee of future results.

Is Socially Responsible Investing Right for You?

There are many ways to support social causes without involving your investments. Whether or not you choose to extend your beliefs to your finances should depend on your personal situation and investment goals. As the SRI space evolves, investors will have an increasing number of options to consider. We can explain the benefits and drawbacks of SRI and help you make a smart decision—one that’s in keeping with both your personal values and your long-term financial goals.