Practical Financial Planning for Healthcare Providers

We get it — literally. Our team not only includes an array of financial experience, from insurance specialists to CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professionals, but it also contains several practicing healthcare providers. We see you not as a client, but as a colleague.

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Disability Insurance

We understand that much of your work is physical. We’ll help you explore appropriate disability insurance coverage to help provide a level of financial security in the event that you become disabled and can’t carry out your essential duties. Choosing the right solution can help protect your livelihood following an incident, as well as allow you to save for retirement.


Life Insurance

Help protect your family and your goals.

Life insurance helps to provide for your loved ones if something happens to you. It can be used to pay off debt, replace your income, or supplement your estate. The right life insurance coverage can help to protect your way of life, your loved ones, and your overall financial goals, We’ll help you determine the proper protection that is most appropriate for you and your family.

Retirement Accounts

Private contractors working in the medical profession face unique retirement planning challenges. Traditional employees typically have a 401(k) plan or the equivalent to help prepare for retirement. But, when you are a private contractor, putting a plan in place falls into your realm of responsibilities. Finding the right retirement planning solution for you depends on your income level and your goals for the future.

There are various routes you can take to help accumulate and manage your retirement savings. We take the time to discuss your timeline, desired retirement lifestyle, and retirement income goals, so we can truly understand which option is best-suited to your needs. We’ll help relieve the complex retirement planning pressures you face, freeing you to focus on delivering exceptional care to your patients.

Financial Planning

As a medical professional, you know that life is busy.

Taking the time to prioritize the financial well-being of your family is time well spent. Our approach to financial planning creates a comprehensive roadmap to help provide financial security for you and your family. Our skilled planning team helps transform a potentially daunting process into an empowering experience. When you partner with us, you receive experienced guidance from a team that is knowledgeable in financial, estate and tax planning, investment management, and more.


Tax Strategies

Tax planning is the process of analyzing your financial plan from a tax perspective. The objective of tax planning is to make sure that tax efficiency is considered when making financial decisions. With the help of proper tax planning, we can make sure that all elements of your financial plan function together with maximum tax efficiency. Our team will work in collaboration with your CPA or other trusted tax advisor to manage your income and withdrawals, and help minimize any tax consequences.